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In our previous post we talked about new pink cameras from Canon, Casio, Fuji, GE and Kodak. Today, it’s Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Polaroid and Sony’s turn. As we mentioned in our earlier post, there is really nothing mindblowingly new and amazing on the market, just upgrades and tweaks on previous models. The only camera that […]

It’s time for our annual spring overview of what’s new on the market. Most manufacturers have at least a few new pink cameras in their lineup, but there is really nothing new and totally groundbreaking out there. Just updates and tweaks of last year’s models. The one thing we’ve seen is that more and more […]

No sooner had I published my Pink Digital Cameras – New Spring 2009 post than Canon announced the release of three new pink cameras and one new pink photo printer this spring (all are scheduled to reach stores in March). They are all nice, high quality cameras, with a few fun little extras. The portable […]

There is no shortage of pink digital cameras on the market, but if you still haven’t been able to find one that’s perfect for you, don’t worry – there are even more coming. Casio, Fuji, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung all have new pink camera releases scheduled for this spring, and we have put together […]

Most camera manufacturers have caught on to the fact that their customers want cameras in a variety of colors, not just the old black and silver we had to make do with before. Casio’s lineup of point and shoot digital cameras include 9 pink varieties, with 4 more scheduled for release later this spring (post […]

Pink Camera Choices

These days, you can find electronics in all colors of the rainbow and more. Just look at laptops, iPods, cell phones, Blackberries – the choices are endless. The same goes for digital cameras, at least when it comes to the point-and-shoot variety. We have yet to see SLRs in colors other than black and silver […]

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