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To me, the most fun kind of photography is the experimental kind, when you just play around, let your creativity flow, and allow yourself to get totally wrapped up in the joy of shooting. The results are varied of course – sometimes they’re totally disappointing, but other times, you get a photo that totally wows you and inspires you to push yourself even further. And don’t feel like “that kind of photography can only be done with an SLR” – you can get great, unique shots with point-and-shoots too. Here are a few techniques and cool picture ideas to help jumpstart your creativity.

Flowy, Dreamy Water

A tripod and a slow shutter speed is all you need to create those images you see on posters and cards everywhere. Put your camera on a tripod, set your shutter speed to 1/30 or slower, and shoot. If there is no shutter control on your camera, try setting it on “night” mode.

Intentional Blur & Movement

Sometimes photos that show movement are much more interesting than when everything is still and in focus. Try this: just as in the water shots above, put your camera on a tripod, set a slow shutter speed (1/30 or slower, or “night” mode) and take a picture of one (or more) stationary object and one (or more) moving. A few ideas are a house lit up at night with people moving around inside, your dog playing on the beach, a Ferris wheel with a friend standing still in front of it, a tree with clouds on a really windy day.

Different Angles & Perspectives

When I was in photography school, one of the most creatively useful classes (to me) was one where we had to shoot one roll looking down and one looking up. It was a great exercise in expanding one’s horizons a little bit. We tend to look down, but not up as much as we should. Try it – you might find design details on buildings you walk by every day that you’ve never noticed before, or interesting patterns on the ground. Also try getting down on the ground yourself for a “miniature dachshund view” of the world.

Use Portrait Setting For Other Shots As Well

The portrait mode uses a wider aperture in order to get your subject sharp and the background out of focus. But don’t limit yourself to using this setting only when shooting people. Try it with anything where you want the same effect – a cup of steaming coffee, a bouquet of flowers, a detail on a ship. Note: this only works when your subject is closer to you than the background, so make sure there is some distance between the two.


On a bright and sunny day (or at sunset), find a large flower or weed or tree you like the outlines of, get down low on the ground and point your camera upwards. Make sure it measures the light of the sky, not the flower or whatever you’re shooting (you want that to be underexposed and just show up as an outline or silhouette), and take your picture. The result should be a silhouette of the subject.

If you take it at sunset, position yourself so that the flower/weed/tree is between your camera and the sun (careful with your eyes, don’t look into the sun!), make sure your camera exposes for the sky, and shoot. These shots look great as wall art when blown up big and framed. Try it with other subjects as well – your dog, best friend, a statue, or a skyline are a few ideas.

Color or Subject Theme

Take a bunch of shots of items of a particular color or subject – green, reflections, hands/paws, or letters for example. Make sure to include all kinds of shots: close-ups, landscapes, details, movement, sharp focus, etc. Then print up 9 of these shots as square prints and display them together on a wall – great, free art that you created yourself!

Explore An Object

Use the technique above to explore all angels of an object and display the photos the same way.

Collect Photos Of A Certain Object

Start your own photo collection and try to get at least one photo of the particular object every time you travel somewhere, whether it’s local or international. Some ideas are: buildings by a certain architect, portraits of dogs of a specific breed, bread, license plates, signs (could be from a particular kind of store, like shoe store, or flower shop, or perhaps parking signs or street names), a slice of pizza, just let your creativity run wild. These are memories you will have forever, and they are a lot easier to pack than a vase or crystal bowl.

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